About the company

Due to the current world economic restrictions that affect our citizens the process of money transfer abroad is difficult (bank accounts freezes). That's why BitMoney provides its payment services via cryptocurrency
Benefits of payment via cryptocurrency:

1. Truly safe (a client delivers all money cash);

2. Lightning fast (all transactions are made in seconds. A recipient receives money in 5-10 minutes);

3. No unnecessary wastes (fee depends on transaction complexity, destination country, transaction volume, payment type and payment currency);

4. Stay anonymous (we guarantee the confidentiality of our customers personal data);

5. Transactions have no volume  limits or other restrictions;

6. We work seven days a week (we work 24/7, transaction could be scheduled to make you feel convenient).

Here is an example to demonstrate the process of money transfer via cryptocurrency:

As soon as all things agree, you will replenish your account with preferred currency in any of our offices or affiliate stations across the world. We purchase cryptocurrency with all money you provided and transfer it to your trustee, who can receive money in any world currency across the globe in a moment!
This service is the best option for those who want to relocate monetary capital to another country, buy a car, real estate, and so on and so forth. It also fits you even if you are just planning a trip or moving to another place.



This is not the first time I use this exchanger. So far, everything goes quickly and without any problems. Guys keep it up!


Changed LTC to rubles. I got my money easily and without any worries. All together it took no more than 15 minutes. Thank you for the fast service, everything is...


Bitcoin => cash. Quickly without nerves. Money in your pocket. Tip for everyone: set a normal transaction fee and the exchange will be very fast.


Within a few minutes, the application was processed. Very good exchanger, always a good exchange rate and the employees are always in place.


Guys are cool! Received the money, almost without any delay! I have been working with this exchanger for several years. Keep it up!!


Very responsive and pleasant staff! Helped set up a cold wallet. Now my coins are in a safe place


The course made me happy. Guys are working hard! Thank you.


Everything is fine, the coins are in the wallet, the transaction was easy and fast.

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